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Facilities Offered…

Front office Lab :

The training lab is designed to give a look of a 5 star Hotel reception & lobby area with bell Desk, world tome clock, GRE desk & connection with update software enable computers. Every details of guest dealing is taught with utmost care.

Housekeeping Lab :

The housekeeping lab is entirely designed to meet every need of guest. Along with this lab also including room management.

Food Production Lab :

The Food & Beverage Production area have a basic training kitchen well equipped with modern tool highlight in depth training of culinary art. The budding master chef are taught the safety, hygienic & maintenance of the base kitchen.

Food & Beverage Service Lab :

Named “Haveli” this outlet highlight the intricacies of becoming a trained & professional F & B service personnel. They are taught hoe & corporate sector. Every care is taken for a student to learn under the watchful eyes of the faculties in bar making international & national cocktails & mocktails and serving of beverages are demonstrated perfectly.

Computer Lab :

ASHM has its own computer learning outlet exclusively for the use of its students. The lab provides all round computing service for the students and is equipped with modern software, multimedia. The Lab is well connected to internet and the student can explore cyberspace to gain valuable data & information.

Library :

ASHM has well stocked library with national & international tiles. Large collection of books, journals, other printed & visual materials are available from Hotel industry.

Common Room :

We think it is really important to find out a balance between study & freshen up. Taking part in social event, getting to know each other is also necessary. In ASHM you are encouraged to make your own decision with the support of our experienced teaching experts. So, common room is the best placed for all that & we have a real big one with lots of sitting place including a dinning room.

Food Room :

In and around the campus a wide variety of hot meals & snacks of all tastes including day meals for hostelites as well as local student are available at an affordable price.

Stop ‘N’ Shop :

There are shops for all of your needs and is located conveniently. You can buy foods and drinks, stationery, domestic goods, gifts and other essential commodities.

Cyber Café :

Access to Internet is available in plenty in Asansol city.

Sports Activities :

Throughout the year ASHM hosts a wide range of student related activities like participating in Institutes annual cultural Festival to prove their talent in music, song, dance etc. Food Festival to prove their multi skills talent and study tour to prove their organising abilities.

Casual Training :

Student are often one day casual training in city’s top hotel for learn and earn and have fun.